Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Eclipsed by Shower Rod

No, Shower Rod isn't a dude. Or a vampire.

It is another component of our bathroom renovation, as previously posted about here.

The contractor had to listen to me whine about an imperfection here, or a missing item there, or a totally effed up tile that had a 1/2" gap that the new guy must have cut.

BF has been away when I have had to tell the contractor about things we see that concern us. Lucky bastard... (no, not the contractor, I feel sorry that he has to listen to all my complaining).

But the one thing that I do not understand is the height of our shower curtain rod. I can BARELY reach it to put a towel over it to dry. I am just under 5'-8", which is reasonably tall.

The rod is 7'-3" from the ground!!!

You'll have to click on this bad boy to read it, I think.

BF's mother is very short. There is no way she would be able to reach that!
I have been to at least 8 stores now, and have not found a single shower curtain that is longer than 72" (which is what we have now). Can you tell I am cranky???

I feel like I am camping without the fun of a bonfire or alcohol. It's amazing how disruptive not having towel holders, a toilet paper holder, mirrors and a light in the bathroom can be to someone as Type 'A' anal-retentive as myself.

Horrendous flood in Pakistan? (Don't forget the government will match your donation dollar for dollar)
World famine?
Ongoing wars for land and oil?
Loss of loved ones?
Chronic illness diagnosis?

And here I am blogging about my obsession with a generally quite well done (but still incomplete) bathroom.

I am so ridiculous sometimes I even shock myself. I am severely agitated with my lack of bathroom lighting. I just really want to be able to move my shit back into the cupboards and drawers. And shower with light. Even though I know this is so unbelievably trivial, I can't stop the crazy!

YAYYYYYYYYYY! He just called and will be here tomorrow!!!!!

I am somewhat shamed about this, but will still go hit that 'publish' button. If this is the first post of mine you have read and you have made it this far, please read one of the other, better ones. Pin It Now!

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  1. You have probably figured this out, but many shower curtains are just held up by the pressure outward from the curtain rod. Usually you can lower them.

    I hate when shower curtains are too high!



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