Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Allie Brosh Posted! And it is Christmas-y!

I love Allie Brosh.

And her mom...

If you have not yet read her blog or seen her illustrations, you  MUST.DO.SO.NOW.

Awesome post, check it out:

Kenny Loggins is both the new Chuck Norris and the new Rickrolled guy. Expect to find internet meme-ing and misdirecting email links soon. All of you.

I will post something new (hopefully) soon, just too much to do and not enough time to get in all done.

Until then, I posted another quick v-log here.


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  1. I honestly and literally laughed until I cried at Allie's latest post. Genius.

    (Plus I can see myself doing stuff like that to my kids)

  2. She is the best... I can say I was following her back when she only had like 23,000 followers. Now it's like double that! wow.


  3. Only thing wrong with this log is I can't access V-logs from work. :(

  4. I read this yesterday and was dying. Hyperbole and a Half is hands down the best picture-story blog of all time.


  5. I love Allie too.

    That was probably payback from her mom regarding the park/birthday party incident.

  6. *Yandie, Goddess of Pickles - it's true, the girl is brilliant and her animations blow me away. Her stick figurines are still so bloody expressive! And I love her simple dog and helper dog.

    *Simple Dude - a friend told me about her in the summer and I fell in love immediately. She just writes about most things that are relateable. Or, at the very least, stuff you can laugh at with enthusiasm.

    *V-Tom - no worries. It was a KennyLoggins Roll. (Much like a Rickroll... a.k.a. Rick Astley "Never Gonna Give You Up" youtube link send under the guise of something totally different thereby tricking or "rickrolling" you once you click the link. ;-)

    *Amy - she is just so damn loveable. And I think you mean the 'parp'. lol.

  7. *hed - whoa, sorry, I skipped you, that is not like me. I want to adopt Allie as my big sister or younger sister or something. Her blog rules. I hope it has made her a thousandaire by now, if not yet a gazillionaire. The girl deserves serious recognition! Thanks for commenting.

  8. Stephanie: I tried the (Video) link from home last night and it didn't work for me :(

  9. I hate Kenny Loggins. It seems that I'm the only one at work who can hear Funk #49 in his song Footloose. Am I crazy?


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