Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas Wrapping Tutorial (Crappy Sound Included At No Additional Cost)

This is for my good Blogger friend, Jess, over at "not your average joan of archetypal patterns", in response to her much better quality, much better video in her post here.

You also get to see the server-waitress-branded outfit from my last post (I opted for a necklace, straight hair, no pink lipstick, and oodles of frizz-taming serum).

I apologize for the horrendous sound. I did try to caption and annotate the video in some places, but it is hard to hear. However my adorable smiling face should be enough to make you want to sacrifice 7 whole minutes of your life, 6 minutes and 59 seconds of which you will never get back.

There are no close ups. Except for my face when I move towards the computer. All in all, a pretty ass-tastic tutorial. But promises are promises, and my taping rampage may help Jess in her quest for less-lumpy Christmas wrapping.

Behold the wonder of built-in laptop microphone and camera:

Consider it my gift to you all. HAHAHAHA. No, seriously, I'm sorry you just lost 7 minutes of your life.

I love you!

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  1. great video, and i think that outfit is super cute!

  2. okay, first of all, the outfit is cute, and you look great!

    second, please note that you professionally wrapped a present in HALF the time of my piss poor wrapping job. i just kept saying to roberto OOOOOH, she uses tape THERE? that's such a good idea! and LOOK AT HOW SHARP HER CORNERS ARE, and he was like "wait, she's from canada?" and "how is she doing those little speech bubbles?" BOYS. they just don't understand. he "wraps" (read: puts them into a bag from the year before) all my presents on christmas eve 5 minutes before we go to bed.

    thanks so much for the tutorial! i have a few more gifts to wrap tomorrow and i'm going to try out your methods!!! xoxo

  3. *becca - you are most welcome... although I am not sure that I helped? lol

    *carmar76 - did you lose all 7 minutes of your life? If so, my apologies. HA! Merry Christmas to you as well. I hope it's a great one!

    *AmberLaShell - you only say such nice things!! It's okay to admit you kind of want to order a drink from me, really. And that you can't hear a word I am saying and that my video title is ridiculous. But thank you.

    *jess - hey now, I almost take offense at the Canadian thing, but I my national politeness prevents me from actually being offended (tee hee). Did you see me struggle with the ever-strong tape? With that hand-tape-dispenser-thing, you'll be sailing.

    And yours was NOT piss poor. And I was in a major hurry and 30 minutes late for my event, hence the speed. I am NEVER normally that efficient at ANYTHING. And thanks on the outfit comment. You guys are all too nice to tell me the bad stuff.


    Also? BOYS!!?! (And in a way, gift bags are truly brilliant!)

  4. OMG You are gorgeous!!! I knew you were pretty but you're not, you're a bombshell! (Not that that is the most important thing in life, I know you have many other fine qualities). I also love your Canadian accent (server ootfit) sooooo cute, eh!
    Love ya!

  5. Well even if you do look like a server you look great!

    Nice job on the wrapping!


  6. I would have given you my drink order too. You definitely look hot, but you look like a hot waitress.

  7. no no, nothing to be offended about! he just noticed your accent on a few words... then like out of nowhere he goes "WAIT, she's from CANADA?! how do you know her?!?!" and i was like "the interwebs are maaaaaagical!" :P

  8. LOL I may have skipped a minute in the middle, as I seem to remember a phone call? maybe? IDK, but I liked it anyway! Hope the event was fun!

  9. *Sarah Lindahl - way to totally inflate my hole-filled inner tube of self-confidence. Good lord that was a lot of kindess in that comment. And I don't have an accent, I swear!! Jess has an accent!

    *V-Tom - a ha! Confirmation that you would have given me a drink order. And thanks for the compliments.

    *George Wells - thanks for the addition of "hot". It doesn't seem so bad if I am a "hot" waitress. ;-) Feel better soon.

    *jess - it's aboot time you didn't think I had an accent! Just kidding. I don't hear it, but that's because everyone here sounds the same. I thought you had an accent when I watched your video. lol. And the internets ARE MAGIIIIIC!

    *carmar76 - thank goodness. I hope the phone call was longer than a minute and you meandered into another room. It will make me feel two-minutes less guilty.

    I need to post something new soon!


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