Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Christmas Insights

I've been thinking a lot lately. A lot. My feeble brain is starting to get overloaded, and annihilating an entire jar of Nutella doesn't seem to be helping. Nor the entire bag of spicy nacho cheese Doritos. (Although I did gain fabulously enticing cheese/onion/garlic breath from the experience, so I can't say it is a total loss).

I have realized that I fucking really hate Christmas shopping with a passion. I hate trying to figure out what to buy people. My family Most people fall into two distinct categories: "Oh, don't buy anything for me, I don't need anything" or "I have everything conceivable and don't need any more shit". There is the odd, rarely spotted third category of "I just don't know what I would like".

In my completely selfish fashion, you know what I wish for, for Christmas? I wish that people would just pick a goddamn charity that I could donate to in their name. We have SO MUCH STUFF. We could probably all go out and buy what we want whenever we want (it's just a matter of how you rationalize it to yourself, admit it). In fact, my dad does this all the time pre-Christmas. He buys stuff before we can.

You know what? I get to do the donating biznazz online. No malls. No angry mobs. No road-ragey parking spot wars.

But in all seriousness, religious or not, if you celebrate the general concept of Christmas, isn't it all about love, sharing, giving? Do you realize that you could donate to thousands of charities out there? Or lend money to someone who wouldn't otherwise have access to funds, if you'd prefer that, like on Kiva?

BF and I started the donation thing a few years ago, and I have found that it is the only part of Christmas that makes me feel good. We buy toys for the toy drive, big bucks go to charity.

If you are struggling to make ends meet, different story. If you have kids and that Santa dude is dropping by and things have been hard this year, different story. But if you have the disposable income, please consider helping out someone else, anyone else. The Red Cross, an animal shelter, a children's organization, a hospital.

Some American ideas here

Some Canadian ideas here

Who? Me? Why, I do declare!

I have realized that part of my Christmas angst is people's selfishness. So I want to be lazy and get the easy way out with charities. See how grinchy loving and selfish selfless I am?

Needless to say, I haven't started my Christmas shopping yet.

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  1. you know what? i am totally the asshole that says "oh, i don't know, i don't really need anything."

    donating to a charity is a great idea! did you know, when roberto and i got married i thought about asking people to donate to a charity in lieu of gifts and my family threatened to stage a coup?! it's true. they were like NO! you may not be selfless! you will get casserole dishes you will never use and LIKE IT!

  2. that is a good idea... We are only buying for the kids (my little brother, my fiance's daughter) this year, but I always manage to buy a few gifts for the toy drives too, maybe this year i will add some new charity to the mix, thanks for the ideas!

    check out my blog @

  3. A co-worker recently asked me what I wanted for Christmas ("Oh, I really don't know").

    I'm also going nuts trying to find presents for others and, thankfully, France isn't too commercialized when it comes to Christmas shopping, at least not like in the States. The French even make a point to donate to certain charities as well: Unicef, Téléthon, Sapeur-Pompiers...

    -Barb the French Bean

  4. I just buy for my nieces, nephews and cousin's children. My charity giving is usually just in the kettles outside of the stores. I rarely pass one without giving though.

  5. I have been guilty of the "oh I dont know" in the past but have since made a point to come up with at least some ideas. I start thinking about it in November and write that shit down otherwise i'd forget and be forced to shrug my shoulders.

    Love the idea of giving to a charity. Imagine if we could get just 1 million people to sacrifice 1 Christmas and instead give to charity. It may hurt our economy a bit but I think the good it would do (and good feelings it would spread) would more than make up for it.


  6. Give to Charity? Harumph!

    Next thing you'll tell us is that having more stuff won't make us happy!

    Blasphemer! It's grinches like you that spoil this orgy of consumerism for the rest of us.


    Thanks alot.

    (PS - That was written in Microsoft Sarcasm font)

  7. I'm one of those 'oh I don't know' people to. I can think of a million and one things I could use any other month of the year (well, except august when my birthday is) but in December my mind is a total blank.

  8. *jess - sorry, didn't mean to imply that type is an a-hole, just that it makes it really hard to shop for them. I know you are probably either not trying to be demanding, or really have no idea, but either way, you're gonna end up with a folk art calendar. And that TOTALLY suck about your wedding idea! Not fair!

    *AmberLaShell - that is super awesome that you donate to the toy drive. And considering another charity is fantastic, too!

    *Barb the French Bean - i did not know that about the French and charities. That is fabulous to hear that they aren't knee deep in commercialism/consumerism/materialism for Christmas. And missy, you'd best be coming up with ideas quick or you, too, will also be getting a folk art calendar!

    *George Wells - no charity qualifies as "just the...". Any money you give is an act of selflessness and I hope you continue to donate to the kettles. It all helps. Every dollar.

    *Simple Dude - that would be awesome if everyone did that one year by donating. Hell, they could still buy something for family, just less. But BF pointed out the whole 'bad for the economy' thing... and I said that there would still be sales, just not the typical insane amount.
    I hope you got a list generated, or else you get a 70's porn pillow for Christmas.

    *Tom G. - forget the Sarcasm font, I want the orgy font! And yes, I have a way of going in and ruining everything with my selfishness. I was wrong. Go forth and buy, my child.

    *Yandie, Goddess of Pickles - c'mon, don't do me like that. Think of a few small things and then donate to charity. Like, say, to the CEO of weightwatchers because she/he totally wants your money right now, right? ;-) *nudge*

  9. 1. re:"annihilating an entire jar of Nutella doesn't seem to be helping. Nor the entire bag of spicy nacho cheese Doritos."

    I recommend that next time you try an entire muffin tin of chocolate peanut butter cups, washed down with a bucket of popcorn. Does wonders.

    2. I have the answer to your prayers people. Out of the kindness of my heart, I have posted a wish list on my blog. For all the people who are making it difficult to shop for them; instead of buying something they don't like or donating to a random charity, buy ME a Christmas present. Print a picture of me out and Photoshop the gift into the picture and tell your loved ones that you bought a gift for an orphan on their behalf.
    Presto. Good will + hassle free shopping.

    You are welcome.

  10. i think i'm the easiest person to shop for. i like everything and the cheaper/ kitschier, the better. gifts from christmas past include: snuggie, chia pet, "how to knit your own leg warmers" kit, giant german beer steins, fuzzy slipper socks with grippies on the bottom... the list goes on. and i totally loved them all.

  11. i have found over the years i have gone to buying gift caards because was tired of not knowing what to get people.

  12. Fabulous idea! And I for one am all aboard your Bahumbug Christmas train!

  13. I agree about the difficulty of finding suitable gifts. Fortunately I got separated over the last year so my list of people I need to get a gift to has shrunk dramatically. Unfortunately she used to get the gifts so now I actually have to go out and do it myself and think about what to get.

    A friend was raising money for a worthy cause and I have been on the fence about dontating as I have given to muy usual charities. Your post motivated me to send him somethign just the same and I'll do it as soon as I finish the post. You have caused a little more good to be spread around!


  14. *The Lady's Lounge - i was going to say "duly noted" then recognized we were talking about peanut butter cups and popcorn and that "duly" was not NEARLY excited enough... so.. hells yeah PB cups and popcorn next time! Yee haw!. Aaaaaaand, I am still sticking with charity, but luv ya!

    *You're Lucky I Don't Have a Gun - see, I think you must be super fun to be around...! And make sure all slippers and/or slipper socks have those grippies, or the next time you run into the kitchen for bread you could end up wiping out on yer butt. We don't want that.

    *becca - that is always a good option, except my mom, niece, nephew and sister always seem to lose them or misplace them. So then it's money down the drain. But good suggestion!

    *Sandra - lol and thanks. I need to try harder to be cheery about it.

    *V-Tom - awesome! If this post made a little difference, then it truly makes me feel happy. Even a small donation helps. Good on ya! Also - sucks about the separation, but I hope that in the end you will be happier. Except for having to fight the mobs in the mall the next few weekends. ;-)

  15. The separation is a good thing for everyone (just not for my bank account!) so no sympathy required there! I have Monsday's off so i can probably beat the worst of the mobs.

  16. Hahaha. If it makes you feel any better, I told my whole family that I was boycotting the Christmas consumerism this year, and didn't want them to send me any bought gifts. Bless their hearts, they were clearly puzzled, but supportive. I let them know that I would be making homemade gifts for everyone, though I may cheat with the children. I really feel like Christmas ought to be for the children, anyhow. :P

  17. *V-Tom - glad to hear it's an okay situation; I hope your holidays will be very happy. Hope the shopping went okay!

    Misty - i agree about the kids. It's the best time of the year for them. And good for you for making a stance! Welcome to the blog and thank you for commenting!!


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