Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Do I Sound Like A Tool? Do You?

So Simple Dude got me thinking (bravo Simple Dude, that is a rare occurrence, my friend!) and questioning my online speak, my blogging etiquette and my general social networking retardation in general.

Wordnet Web would like to let you know:

S: (adj) retarded (relatively slow in mental or emotional or physical development) "Stephanie was so out of touch with internet speak, her social networking skills became exceptionally retarded".

So, moving forward, what the hell?

I feel so out of touch with what is correct online anymore. You all know I've griped about “text-speak” and the like.

Wow, I just said "and the like"... I think I am older than my 30 years.

Tell me wonderful people of the Interwebs, what kind of language is acceptable these days?

  • Is lol / LOL / lol'ed appropriate any longer? Sometimes there are funny blogs/comments/Facebook updates that do actually make me chortle (If you haven't yet, you have to read 27b/6) aloud, but as I commented on Simple Dude's post, if you still internally snicker/giggle or outwardly smile at something, how else do you relay that without sounding like a tool? I find "hehe" "haha" "just kidding" or "I found that particular comment somewhat amusing" just don't suffice. Plus, they take too long to type (yes, even hehe, it still technically contains one extra letter).
Yes, my laptop is free-standing and the lower half of my body isn't attached to the top half. Thanks for asking.

Apparently all other bloggers are large-nosed, fingerless, dread-wearing chicks who blog while in yoga chair pose.

  • Even *I* know that nobody uses ROFLOLing anymore. I think. (Except one time recently when BF said one of my posts was funny and I was whiny about why he never laughed. His reply? What, do you expect me to roffloll... *snickers*. Yes, he sounded it out. On purpose. I hope think am pretty sure.)

  • Is it appropriate to use emoticons? You know,  ole smiley :-) , winky ;-) , big smiley :-D , surprised guy :-O , nearly forgotten sticking-out tongue-at-you dude :-P, cheesy-assed heart <3 (that I TOTALLY use in google chat because it turns right-side up and turns RED people, it turns motherffing RED!).

  • Is it appropriate to link back to your own blog with your web address, or reference a related/somewhat-related/not even remotely related post in your comments?  I do this often, as it seems we are a sharing community that way.  I will invite people to say hello, or use html to shorten that shit down.  I've even tried to work it so that if someone clicks on my link it will open in a new window (so as not to divert traffic from the blogger's site I am commenting on) but usually "new window" targets are not allowed in commenting.  I don't mind. Though I think if you leave your url at the bottom of the comment (if not referencing a particular post) that it speaks on its own to check out the site. You don't really need to finish with anything more than the web address itself.  What do you think? Cool?  Not cool?

    •  These bullet points are actually really long paragraphs. Just sayin'.

      • I know it's my own personal discussion board/venting outlet/creative tool, so I can do whatever I damn well please with it, but if you generally fall into a particular genre (for most of the bloggers who follow me, I would say observational humour), is it appropriate to post deep thoughts, emotional posts, serious topics?  My ”It Gets Better” post was scary and honest and true and I put it out there for all to see. And despite the number of page hits and views, despite the content, it only received 5 comments (2 were from family). On something I think everyone has an opinion on or can relate to at some level. So - is there no place for that here? Thoughts?
      Curious to know your honest thoughts, though I'd like to think I will be defiant and post whatever the hell I want to.

      • What other uncool stuff have people pulled on their blogs, or in your comments? What other faux pas should be avoided? I want make sure I have a semblance of what is truly appropriate with all you more experienced folks out there, and other non-bloggers who know the social media circuit and these interwebs here.

      • Is it okay to have a Twitter account and only update it occasionally when you get an email that someone is following you?  I see other people's regular funny comments, and figure I am doing it wrong.  I kinda sorta totally hate Twitter.

      • Is lol cool on Facebook?  Is it annoying as hell to post new blog links as my status?  I figure it is the only way some people might remember to check it out (who aren't regular blog followers or readers).  I worry it comes off spammy, but kind of don't give a shit, either.  I made a Facebook page, but only 9 people seem interested.  Hint, hint.  Just kidding. 

      • Oh yeah, I will continue to express myself, of course, and stick it to "The Man" while blogging (hahahaha) <---- see that right there should be an lol, shouldn't it?  No?  I'm so confused.

      Who the fuck says cheerio? Seriously.


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          1. i usually reserve LOL for when i actually, truly, seriously LOL. because sometimes when i read stuff, i really do laugh. out loud! other than that, i stick with "hahaha". actually sometimes i hahaha even when i really LOL'd. i don't know why, but i think you should feel free to use it as you see fit. don't let that simple dude bully you into changing who you are! hahaha

            also? as far as emoticons go, i use them in comments, but not in my blog posts. i don't know why... maybe to protect the integrity of my blog. you know, the blog where i talk about my vagina, poo, and other super important and integrity ridden subjects.

            i also think it's fine to discuss not so funny topics whenever you want! i mean, sure if you one day go from hilarious to all serious all the time, some people might get a bit weirded out... but i think it's understandable that not EVERYTHING is funny. and sometimes, even mostly hilarious people have something serious to say.

            okay, i have 65 other thoughts, but this is seriously as long as your blog, so i am going to stop now because really? who give a fig what i think anyway? :P :) <3
            (omg, except one more thing... i use emoticons like a fool in g chat. the red heart?! THE TONGUE STICKING OUT FACE?! adorable.)

          2. OMG this was like LOL kind of post <3 it.

            how's that for text talk thought you might appreciate it. hugs

          3. ...and two were from family! I am *smiling* and LOLing, and :)
            Honestly, I don't think too many people critique the comments they receive. We're all just a bunch of comment whores, and as long as the comment doesn't explicily state, "You're total douche bag and you're mother is ugly" we are pretty pleased with ourselves.
            I, however, have one pet-peeve, and it's when someone comments by saying this..and only this: Came here from ~pimps own blog~ Am now following you. Follow me back please.
            ...faux-pas to the power of 10!
            You are hilarious, never doubt your talent as a writer and a very witty blogger.

          4. Oh sweetie. How we do question ourselves at times, huh?! I say don't worry bout NUTHIN. It's your blog, therefore it's an extension of YOU (oh wow. now i have dirty pictures in my head of you...never mind). I have the same questions sometimes, but I figure if I start second guessing everything I write, it's gonna get all stilted and it won't really be ME anymore. Ya? So, screw it. Do whatever feels right to YOU. Those of us who love your crazy ass WILL be back for more!!!

            And as for good old LOL...hell, I forgot what I was gonna say, lol!

          5. Oh, and btw...I clicked BOTH your "like" buttons...cuz I like you double! =)

          6. I think LOL is ok...I actually did laugh out loud (geez that's long) on your blog picutres! Love this blog the way it is, appropriate or not!

            check out my blog @ amberlashell <-- shameless blog whoring

          7. *jess - haaaa jess, I *DO* give a fig about what you have to say. And your comment about the integrity-based blog topics made me haha inside. You're awesome.

            *becca - thanks becca, you adorable smartass. Good to know others are still on the train with me.

            *Sandra - awwww, that's sweet, I hope you mean it. I doubt all things, but you just made me feel better about it. And yeah... that whole "I followed you so you should reciprocate" isn't cool, especially a direct request! WTF?!
            And, for the record, in my comments you did explicity state that I am a total douchebag and my mother is ugly. She will cry when she reads that. Thanks. Thanks a lot.

            *vickilikesfrogs - it just wouldn't be right if you didn't have dirty pictures of me in your mind. Hence my banana guns picture. And thanks for all your liking of me. Gives me a happy. As does you identifying me as a crazy ass and that you love me! YAY! and LOL for good measure!

            *AmberLaShell - I say it is uber-successful if one of my posts generates a real, legitimate lol, so thanks for that. You're always so positive. It's nice. I'd leave out the 'check out...' part and just put - the fact you have a real .com address says it all, baby! *envious over here with*

          8. I'm cool with whatever you use.. but if you contract your or you're to ur for any reason other than text-messaging I will hunt you down.

            Lol jk ;-)

            I'm not a big fan of blog pimping for the sake of blog pimping (maybe because I'm so uncomfortable doing it myself) but I'm always cool with a link to an even vaguely relevant post. Hey, you're talking about your new cat? Here, read my post about dragons. You know, that kind of thing.

            Oh and I've had to stop reading 27b/6 at work because I do LOL.. with youthful abandon.

          9. i'm a big fan of the "this is my piece of the world and i'll write what i want to and you can choose to read it or not" school of thought. and also run on sentences, apparently. heh. sometimes i capitalize appropriately, sometimes (like now) not so much. i still like LOL, haha, heh, ROTFL, all of it. : )

          10. I agree with carmar.. while I try to be correct with punctuation and grammar on my blog, there are chances I screw up or miss type and dont fix it. So what. It's my spot. I know my grammar and punctuation sucks in comments because I am usually typing quickly and rarely re-read before hitting send.

            It's rare for me to get women 'thinking' but when I do it's usually because they've realized what a shmuck I am and are about to dump me. Lets hope I don't ever get my lady friend thinking.


          11. *Yandie, Goddess of Pickles - ur so spot on. lol. Feel free to pimp here, by the way. And I loooove 27b/6, too. It is true LOL material.

            *carmar76 - dammit, I even got ROTFL wrong. Glad to know you are still using it to, and happy to have you comment. :-)

            *The Phoenix Rising - LMFAO that I forgot lmfao. See, I'm even more out of touch than I thought. And, also, wouldn't it be awesome if one could really laugh off their own ass? I mean, seriously!

            *George Wells - you mean delaying showering and being useful in the world? Oh.. wait, no blogging. Right. Of course I will. ;-)

            *Simple Dude - actually, I've been meaning you tell you, we really need to talk... (I was going to put lol there, but stopped myself, because I didn't really lol). I am just really curious about where everyone is at with this stuff.

            What about Twitter, peeps? Facebook? I know enough to never like my own status... at least there's that...

          12. I use "lol" sarcastically a lot. My best friend and I say "I lol'd out loud"'s redundant. Get it? Har har. Usually if I'm actually amused I just say "Hahaha". Or some variant of that.

            I never link to my own blog in my comment, but I make sure my name links to it, or to my account, which links to my blog. I don't want to whore myself out blatantly, but I do want to be known.

            I never use emotes/smileys/<3's in my posts but I have in comments and I do in every day chat because I feel it helps me get my point across if someone knows I'm >:C angry or 8D pleased.

            I want to be known for having funny posts so I have like, two that are serious/just plain unfunny. Those posts have the least amount of views of all my posts, so I learned to not have too many serious/just unfunny posts or else I will lose my (small) fanbase. But I like your more serious posts and every now and then you should be allowed to write anything, regardless of if it's like your other posts or not, and not have it be a lamely accepted post.

            Twitter is funny. I initially signed up to keep track of celebrities I like. Then I moved to bloggers/webcomic artists/Youtube people I like and want to keep tabs on their stuff. Now I promote my own blog (and sometimes other blogs) through it and a surprising number of my views come from Twitter. It's weird.

            I keep my blog off Facebook, though, because I have family on my Facebook and they don't need to know all the weird antics I get myself into and feel the need to write about after. My friend promotes my blog through his Facebook though, so I guess it still counts.

          13. *Sarah Elizabeth - lol to your "lol'd out loud" comment. Does it bother you if others link to their blog through your comments section, if you don't do it yourself?

            I remember your post about your Grandma, and I felt compelled to comment. I think the odd serious post shows that the person blogging is REAL and isn't always sunshine. I am emotional though, so I suppose I can relate more to the "I'm having a rough time" posts on funny blogs. But it *is* true that those posts get the fewest hits.

            Facebook can indeed cause issues when you think about how many people it reaches, and who might see it. At least I don't use my real last name!!

          14. Your comment about your BF saying roffoll made me lean back in my chair, and chortle quietly.

            I posted something similar on my blog once (link here) but you already knew that ;-)

          15. new here.. loved reading your stuff! Just do what you are doing and to hell with what anyone else thinks!


          16. *Tom - awesome comment from a new reader! Thanks very much. And thanks for commenting. I love me some comments. Hope you enjoy what you find. ;-)


          I get far too excited when new comments come in here...