Friday, December 10, 2010

Christmas Adorableness

If you disagree, I will cut a bitch.

Don't think I won't.

Scooby Dooby Doo - August 1996 to January 2010

I bet you were expecting a photo of me, right? Riiiiight?

This is the last photo I had taken of Santa with Scooby Doo at a mall that no longer exists in my hometown.
I miss her so much. This will be my first Christmas without her in 14 years. 
She's damn cute. I loved her like a child.

We can't take Schultz for photos because he would   eat  Santa Claus. And all the children would cry. And we would probably be sued.

Who? Me?

That is all.

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  1. Awww cute doggies... Can you take a dog to see any santa? I never thought of doing that, my dog is my child... :)

    check out my blog @

  2. Is Schultz wearing his sheep herder garb for the nativity scene?

  3. awwww, i don't even want to think about the day when my pup will pass. for now, i'll just continue to flip the fuck out when she chews holes in all the remotes.

  4. *AmberLaShell - thanks Amber. You're a sweetie. I always volunteered with the local SPCA and knew when and where they arranged photos specifically of pets with Santa. Often Petsmart does it and the money goes to charity. Check with your local animal shelter, they might do it. :-)

    *George Wells - close. It's my pajama bottoms, but they could TOTALLY be makeshift sheep herding garb if required. And no, I didn't take the photo pantsless. Okay, maybe I did.

    *You're Lucky I Don't Have a Gun... - it's best not to think about it. Flipping is more fun! (Holes in remotes?? Really? You'd think she'd touch battery ends with her tongue and learn chewing black bluttony box = baaad).

  5. I've always loved cats and dogs. Sad to say but I think I've loved them more than people for the most part. I had a baby die the day after being born in my first marriage, my dad died after I authorized turning off the respirator, several friends died (one twenty minutes after I last talked to him, a (former) father and mother in law die; but sad to say, but I think the hardest cry I ever had in my life was when *my* first pet, a kitten I called "Benny" that I bought for myself when I got my own place, died in my arms two days after I got him from a pet store. There is something so innocent and unjudging about pets that makes you feel so bad when they are hurting and even worse when they move on.


  6. ivan (one of my dogs) wouldn't eat santa... but if santa's reindeer pals were around? oh hell no. ivan would not stand for it. he would take rudolph down like it was his job.
    also? the pet store we usually bring the boys to for their picture with santa paws usually has A WOMAN dressed as santa. UM, look, i'm all for equal opportunity, but santa should have some twigs and berries!

  7. Aww.

    Maybe if you found a big enough Santa...he wouldn't be edible. Just maybe. Think about it. I'll start looking for extra-large Santas.

  8. Scooby was very cute indeed. That is a great photo, my dear. :-)

    Maddie, the Demon Chihuahua, wouldn't exactly devour Santa whole, but she would probably nip his ankles.

    -Barb the French Bean

  9. I will also miss her very much this Christmas. Merry Christmas Scooby....XOXOXO

  10. Aw. I love dogs! So sorry for your loss. It is SO hard. Lots of hugs for Schultz!


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