Friday, March 25, 2011

Friday Freebie: Puppy + Laptop + Ebay

Here is the first (and last? who knows) installment of ~*Friday Freebies*~.

This is where I dole out useless shitty tips for your okay, mostly my own  amusement.

This Friday? Combined laptop and puppy management.

You are welcome in advance for the sound quality and my annoying talk-to-puppy-voice.

Happy Friday!

And thanks to all 2 of you who will actually WATCH the video~!

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  1. goggie!!! my cats like to walk on my keyboard while i'm working and send garbled IMs to my coworkers.

  2. Yeah, I'll take the free puppy and the free laptop. You are too generous.

  3. Awwwwh puppy. I came very close to calling Rogers Cable and reaming them out because my modem kept shutting off.. turns out it was the demon cats running sprints across my desk and hitting the 'standby' button.

  4. That has to be the cutest puppy I have seen in years. Awesome job with the video.

    And you are pretty cute for a Canuck as well. lol

  5. Set your sights pretty high on number of viewers didn't you? Is she named after Ella Fitzgerald?

  6. hahaha. love this. Ella is adorable and you were too funny.

  7. she is sooo cute...

    and your not bad looking either...

    feyonce is a lucky man!

  8. @steph gas - SURE, it's the KITTIES.... nyuck nyuck, jk.

    @middle child - Hmm... I suppose I wasn't very clear on that one. Unfortunately for you, you just get my cheesy video and terrible advice. Oh - and my apology for such a crappy 'freebie'.

    @Yandie, Goddess of Pickles - I was one of those idiots who called once and said I had indeed unplugged and replugged the modem thingie in... I had totally unplugged some other computer do-dad downstairs and it was literally just a matter of restarting the right thing.

    I am so smart... SMRT...

  9. @Oilfield Trash - I presume you have the notion most Canadian girls are hard-drinkin', hockey-lovin', flannel-wearing scary things? Okay, we are, it's true. And that was me in my pajamas without make-up. Boo yah. lol...

    @Tanya (a Taste of T) - Why thanks for stopping by and commenting. Will check our your blog. Happy treading!

    @George - Actually, youtube still shows the 2 views (that I viewed, narcissist that I am), so I have no idea what's up with that.

    And yes, she WAS named after that Ella, but in my mind I was thinking of Etta James, so it's kind of a fail on my part.

    @Jewels - Was I audible? My webcam and mic are craptastic. lol. I'll let Ella know.

    @bruce - You are SO right! I AM so cute, and Ella isn't bad-looking, either! ;-)

  10. Well if that was you in pj's and no makeup, then I am impressed.

    And I know that there are beautiful women in Canada. I was just not able to get any Canookie when I was there. lmao

  11. I shop on ebay pretty regular, think the puppy could help me find a new ipod at a good price?

  12. @Oilfield Trash - In truth, there may have been day and a half old smudged mascara under my eyes, so *technically* I was wearing SOME make-up.

    Hmmm... no Canookie here... surprising!

    @Miss Rosie - Nope, now I would be able to help you find one, but Ella would find you one and bet way higher than you want to. She is a dengerous e-bayer!

  13. Hello Stephanie,
    Tis I, Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet star, visiting from over at Gary's blog.
    Now then, I have just watched your video with much fascination and your Canadian dog is like really cute and I had this urge to jump through the computer screen.
    Hope you have a pawesome weekend eh.
    Pawsitive wishes, Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet star! :)

  14. Happy Puppy!! /said in my human to dog voice.

  15. @Penny the Jack Russell - Why thank you. You are the second celeb dog to grace the comments section, after Bruce's baby boy Tucker (aka the Tuckmonster).

    Dawggies are always welcome here! Just don't tell Feyonce that I let you up on the furniture (he HATES that).

    Have a great rest of the weekend!

    @Brandy Rose - Your new pup and my new pup need to have a Skype play date! (Okay, not really, but cute idea?). Glad you're back! And not barfing!

  16. I can't tell who is having a better time - you or puppy!

  17. MAYBE....just maybe, you will really need those items (sorry I couldn't hear all of the things she helped bid on)....she could be psychic. This could actually be the start of an amazing career for her. And obviously she was using those amazing psychic powers knowing that Feyoncé would win (he DID win, right?). Also, the Dingo, Fiona, loved watching Ella when she came into the picture. The Princess, Daisy Mae was so impressed she didn't even wake up. Yup...that sums up MY dogs.

  18. haha! this is cute, as is ella! : )

  19. StephanieC- tucker told me ...(these are his words, that puppy and his mtv...wish they just played videos)
    to come by and give you mad props for the shout out to his peeps...

    then he yawned stretched and took a nap...

    brucie (per tuckmonster)

  20. @On My Soapbox - Ella always has the better time. She has it made it the shade in this household!

    @Angie - Daisy Mae summarizes probably how most of the readers feel. lol. I added subtitles to state that I was talking about yachts, dresses in size 2, or multiple hand fans that you wouldn't want. And I don't know if Feyoncé won or not. I'm sure he at least broke even. ;-)

    @carmar76 - Thanks! She is darn adorable.

    @Brucie - I always have mad love for the pups at this blog. Hope Tuck had a good stretch and nap. Give him some ear scratches from me!


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