Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Dr. Asshole - The Movie!

Wow me, two posts in one day (can you tell I am avoiding real work here?)

This is a trial run....

Stumbled upon this cool program and HAD to try it. It's just like taking you guys along to a specialist's doctor's appointment with me!!

This is ACTUAL FOOTAGE of me trying to advocate for myself at the doc's... in the middle of a park somewhere. With large eyes. In cartoon format. So, damn near completely accurate.

Let's see if she works:

Not nearly enough cursing, is there?


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  1. That is really funny.. I almost expected to hear laughing during half of it,, can you add a laugh track? great post!

  2. LOL !! This is outrageous Steph!! Too Funny !!
    It is a little light on the profanity though...lol

  3. i would have liked more cursing.

    it is super important to be your own advocate. you need a new doctor. i have not read your entire blog, but i sure can guess what kind of meds you're on. after ten weeks, you shouldn't have ridiculous side effects any longer. you need to try something else. i would recommend calling your insurance company and/or gp and asking for a referral to another doctor.

    because if that's what your doctor is actually like, fuck him. that's ridiculous.

  4. LOL!!! This is BRILLIANT!

    You should call him Dr. Parrot Asshole. "Keep taking the medication" Xs 1,000,000

    -Barb the French Bean

  5. *AmberLaShell - i wish it were as funny in real life... *dramatic sigh* ;-)

    *BettyBo - sorry I let you down. A daughter should just KNOW when she needs to swear more, short post or not. I promise I won't let you down like that again. Pinky swear. Or middle finger. Whatever.

    *steph gas - i reiterate - more cursing lies ahead, I swear! Also, in Canada, a new doctor and/or second opinion is DAMN HARD to obtain. Our insurance has nothing to do with it. And we have our family doctors who MUST refer us to specialists (we can't just make appointments on our own).
    I've tried to get another doctor, but it's been ridiculous. Apparently, the next option is currently booking appointments in March of 2011. *dramatic sigh once again*

    *Barb the French Bean - i love it!!!!! Dr. Parrot! It so fits him! I am tempted to re-title this post!

    p.s. I STOPPED taking the medication and I am better off without it!


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