Thursday, October 28, 2010

Happy 6 Years

No, no, not six years of blogging. If I had 40 followers after 6 years I would cry.

Oh, who am I kidding, these days I would cry over spilled non-dairy milk, or a video about a service dog that a friend posted on FB that was beautiful and heartbreaking all at once... that also reminded me of how much I miss my Scooby. Hell, a strong wind in the eye could bring on the waterworks.

But no, this post is a shout out to BF. He's not here with me now, but I wanted to send him all my love over the interwebs and share it with my many strangers new online friends.

I blog about the everyday things in my life, the fails, the happies, the sads, the expletive-rage-filled moments. But at the end of the day, I wouldn't be able to deal with any of it in the poor fashion that I do without his love and support.

Since I need to maintain his dignity respect his privacy, I won't go on too much about his details, but let me say this:

  1. I love Lavalife because without it, I never would have met the man of my dreams (yes, I mean BF).
  2. My heart wants to explode when I can make him do his louder, really-thinks-it-is-funny laugh, and I get to see his smile. (Those of you with weak stomachs or easily tripped gag reflexes may wish to navigate away from this post now...).
  3. Even when he has a crappy day, he's ready to greet me with open arms at the door and a smile. (Well, we already know my days are consistently crappy as of late...)
  4. I never knew I could love like this. I thought I had loved in the past, but BF "gets" me, is honest with me, and still loves me (crazy included at no additional cost). He is no bullshit, and I love it. No games, never ever a douchebag. EVER.
  5. He supports me in sickness and health, with a rational mind and a considerate heart.
  6. He's warm and snuggly at night time. I hate the empty bed when he is gone (unless I call Sven over, his fill in, but that is secret, so shhhhh).
  7. He has the most beautiful blue eyes and I know our children are gunna be puuuurty.
  8. I can't imagine a life without him and would never want it. He means the world to me, and I love him with all my heart.
  9. He is so smart, he knows the volume of a cylinder? sphere? off the top of his head! (That was what sealed the deal, during one of the many times when I was perplexed in college and he rattled off the formula over the phone - no Googling!)
  10. He's a fine piece of ass. (HA! I had to say that just to embarrass him totally. Even though it's true.)

Photographic evidence of my happiness whilst snuggling in his arms. See? I didn't lie there.
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  1. aw, happy anniversary!
    that picture is SO sweet! :D
    also? my dog just farted. totally unrelated but i wanted to share.

  2. how squishy and cute :D being in love is pretty rad, but finding someone who gets you (even just most of the time) is even radder.

  3. Happy Anniversary! May you both have many, many more!

  4. What a handsome couple....even with the blue boxes.
    Congrats kiddo ! I agree...BF is definitely someone special. Happy 6th !!

  5. They really DO exist. Didn't believe it myself until recently....but they do. Congrats on finding one of the rare ones!

  6. Happy 6 years babe!!
    Seeing you smile makes my heart smile.
    Love you lots (infinity lots)

  7. ACK!!! I'M LATE!!!

    I really am just happy for the both of you! :-D Happy Sixth anniversary (and to many, many more)!!!

    -Barb the French Bean

  8. *jess, carmar76, Yandie, Goddess of Pickles, steph gas, Tom G., BettyBo (AKA THE MOTHER), Daffy, Barb the French Bean & Jumble Mash - THANK YOU ALL! You`re all so nice.

    I cannot bold that or use tags because my keyboard is all effed up!

    To one and all, BF read this and only commented AFTER I whined that he did not even respond! Then he did so as Anonymous. Geesh....

    *Anonymous - AKA BF - Last we determined by text message, I thought that you loved me infinity cubed to the power of infinity squared.... why have you decreased your love for me (I canèt use my question mark)É.
    *sad face*


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