Monday, October 25, 2010

Reasons To Feel Awesome

I have been feeling totally and utterly not creative, have had some low page hits, and think I have horrified many actual adult friends I have through Facebook with my last few posts...

Reasons to feel awesome:
  • BF abso-frikken-lutely made my day Saturday when he looked me over before we left the house and he said "you are SO skinny" and smiled. Then we took (clothed) photos to document it because I told him I'll be back to overweight soon enough so I'd better get photographic evidence. Thank you skinny jeans and ill health.
  • Being able to wear skinny jeans at any time of the month and pull it off.
  • When you get new blog followers, comments, and a high page view count when you are having a rotten day. Hoping you made at least a few other people chuckle, either at you or with you, whatever.
  • Having the once in a lifetime chance to see Eastern Africa, mountain gorillas, and make eye contact not once, but twice, with the silver back gorilla.
Real, live, wild silver back in the Virunga Mountains in Rwanda (in Parc de Volcanes)

  • When you are having a piss-poor year, few months, months, weeks, week, day, seventeen months and are too sick to go into work, and you come out of the bedroom to discover a beautiful necklace charm secretly and sweetly purchased by BF and given by surprise for no particular reason.
  • Feeling loved.
  • Going for a Harbour Boat Cruise, and successfully photobombing at least 4 separate groups of tourists' photos (after barfing, then galloping around with my fingers to my nose, simulating a rhinoceros because I wanted the stuffed animal version in the nearby shop, much to BF's chagrin). 
The vicious humanceros, rarely spotted by the Toronto Harbourfront. Beware!!
Um, so, yeah in Kenyan Walking Zoos, they don't care much for "waivers", "safety", "fencing", or "keep a safe distance from the huge mothereffing rhino". The Zookeeper INVITED us over the fence. For reals.
See why I love Africa? That is BF with the heart over his face. P.S. - Notice the gut (this photo was from over a year ago) mine, not his, he doesn't have one. Nor the rhino. I so wanted to hop on and shout "GIDDY UP!"

  • When your dog's tail wags and wags and bangs the walls, and he runs around all excited because you finally came home (after 5 hours), even though he prefers BF's company.
 Some reasons to feel slightly-less-than-awesome:

  • When your only sibling doesn't invite you to your mother's birthday dinner with the combination of the following excuses: "never even thought about it", "it was decided the night before and was therefore last minute" (she lives 35 minutes away) and "I assumed she had plans". I will be sure to give her my home phone, cell phone and email address for future birthdays. And perhaps remind her that she has a sister.
  • When your work tells you if you aren't back working full time by December, that they will be finding your replacement and firing you when they legally can. 
  • When you look in the mirror and your hair looks like mine does.
  • Realizing you place way too much emphasis on weight and/or appearance.
  • When you have a case of crippling diarrhea. 

That is all for now. I swear I am working on better stuff.
Okay, not really, this is it.


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      1. A) Anyone who stops reading/following/being your friend due to medical issues which are beyond your control should be ashamed of themselves, and should be beaten repeatedly w/ a wet noodle.

        B) Awww, your BF is sweet!

        C) What gut?? Girl, you were still skinny! And also, how frakkin cool that you got to pet a rhino?? : )

        D) How long have you worked at your place of business? Not that it matters. To harrass you about your employment while you're out on medical leave has to be at least a little illegal...

        and finally,

        E) *HUGS* for everything else!

      2. <3 Much love! <3

        Siblings suck, they just do, it can't really be helped. Your employers also suck, because what the fuck? Really? Can I go kick them in the face?

        Up-do's can easily make you feel like you have prettier hair. They can also be classy looking. Also a good time-killer if you are bored and need to stay close to the bathroom.

        Keep thinking about the awesome things that you do have, like that wonderful BF! You'll make it through. Keep finding the little things that can make you laugh, and focus on those... Learning that trick has carried me through some tough stuff!

      3. I sometimes wished that I had siblings. Then I read this and realize how lucky I probably am. :-P

        And your place of employment (or, more particularly, the douchebag who threatened you) totally bombs, Steph. Thank goodness you have positive things and people in your life to balance it out!

        (For the record: I cooed when I saw the rhino pic. I have *never* cooed at a rhino before. You have accomplished an amazing feat!)

        -Barb the French Bean

      4. You may be sickly, but may I just say that you LOOK like the picture of health! I take issue with your hair criticism. (See my latest blog post). I would kill for your hair. I can't believe you pet a rhino! That's crazy! xxxooo

      5. I really liked this blog, and don't worry I feel uncreative just about every day!

        Also, you won an award on my blog, stop by to pick it up!

      6. the picture of you touching the rhino makes my butt squeeze. i just keep looking at that horn thinking OMG SHE IS GOING TO BE GORED TO DEATH... even though you obviously made it out unscathed. i love rhinos because their ears are SO CUTE!
        and i can totally relate to weight/appearance issues. and diarrhea too (TMI?!). so fun. (that is sarcastic, the "so fun"... totally sarcastic.)

      7. I don't think all siblings suck....
        I happen to like your sibling....and a few of my own.

      8. *carmar76 -
        A) i think the dildo-weilding of the baboons may have been equally as scarring as the "I'm depressed" (but no one comments on their like of my blog on facebook anymore... ahhhhh well). *Wet noodle whipping commences*

        B) he is, I'm a lucky girl. Unless it comes to canned frosting. Then I'll cut him. I cut bitches that irk me, know what I'm sayin'?

        C) i didn't have the balls to post the bathing suit picture for comparison's sake. Trust me, 38lbs. is noticeable. I looked square-ish. And the rhino was cool. We also pet an Elan, went right up to the hyenas each eating a rack of ribs, and got within inches of the lions (I'll have to post those pics, too).

        D) 3 years including the time off. We have labour laws. I am sure they know how to circumvent those. They know lots of lawyers. Or they are trying to scare me back. 'Cause that is sound psychology.

        E) hugs back - thanks! Don't feel sorry for me, s'all good. (It isn't, but still, don't feel sorry for me :-)

      9. *Amy - not only CAN you, nay, I insist that you kick them in the face. Just for fun. 'Cause they make me cry some times. Updos - noted (I still need to cut some of this mop off to do them reasonably well). And indeed, I try to focus on the awesome. Like galloping around a busy city centre pretending to be a wino, I mean, rhino. Good shit.

        *Barb the French Bean - it made me squee a little bit to know you cooed at the rhino. It was quite sweet, and calm and MOTHEREFFING huge. Also, you are totally going to make Betty Bo defend said sibling (HA! She did while I was replying to carmar). And work sucks, but I am the little guy, non?

        *Sarah Lindahl - thanks, I like to scam like that. Some (lots) of make-up, lies and a smile can try to cover the "ohmygodifeelterribleandwanttocurlinthefetalpositionand/orbarf"
        RHINO = AWESOME! And you ROCKED your 80’s hair, girl!

        *AmberLaShell - should I be worried you used the word "like" in past tense there? I am worried...

        *jess - i know you have had some... frontal issues recently... but is butt squeezing good in this case? Goring wouldn't be so bad. I'd see he cute face up close! ;-) There are wayyyy too many ladies my age out there with similar stomach probs. Somethin' isn't right out there in the world.

        *BettyBo - no fair! In order to keep your identity secret, all I will disclose is that you are biased because you were the birthday girl. lol. And yes, I understand you love your two children. I just think that your one child doesn't love me. But I shan't use names. LOL. And a few?? Does that mean just HER? OH NOES!!

      10. more empathy than sympathy, i promise! and oh yeah, i forgot about the baboons...LOL that was scarring, but i looked the other way. ; )

        oh, and ... ummm... is an elan like a moose?

      11. I'm glad you kept my identity
        No, I meant I like a few of my OWN SIBLINGS.
        I have 4 of them....remember ???...they are your aunts and uncles, but to protect my identity, they shall remain nameless. :-)

      12. P.S. You're reply comments are still funny as hell !!
        I enjoy them as much as the postings themselves.
        But alas, I must get off this blog and get my ass to work.

      13. Yeaahhh the skinny jeans! They look awsome. I feel like we need a night out on the town to celebrate them! Or maybe to get gelato to help you fill them out! :)


      I get far too excited when new comments come in here...