Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Things That Piss Me Off

Okay, well there are lots of things. Maybe this should be titled "only a very few things that piss me off in order to fit in a sort of short post"....

I thought I would type some shizz now and perhaps elaborate more later. I wanted to take pictures of 1 and 2 but just didn't, because I am lazy.

By obstructing the view and making it unsafe to turn right, you, too will be convinced to vote for Smedley!
  1. Political signs on people's front lawns, especially when the signs start to get larger and larger when their neighbour has one from a different political party
  2. Obscenely oversized political signs on random city corners. Is the corner going to vote? And for all candidates?
  3. Mother-effing yeast infections
  4. Naturopaths who tell you to shove either a) raw garlic b) chamomile tea bags c) grapefruit seed extract d) plain yogurt with probiotics w/no sugar up your hoo-ha to stop said infection in #3 (PEOPLE, I know you are smart if you are reading my blog *har har* but don't EVARRR do ANY of those things)
  5. Sugar. I love it, but it causes me.. uh... problems.... therefore it pisses me off.
  6. People who put bagged dog poo in my empty recycling bin (located beside my garbage bin) before I have a chance to bring it in. Seriously??... Reeeally?..... Seriously? You think that is helpful?
  7. People who force me to litter by violently throwing bagged dog poo down the road in a fit of rage after realizing recycling bin #1 punctured not visible bagged poo in recycling bin #2 (from list item #6).
  8. Vets that lie and don't provide estimates and overcharge and play on your emotions (no, not Dr. Harkness at West Brant Animal Hospital... they are freakin' awesome and a breath of fresh air).
  9. People who have call waiting but NEVER answer it. Why the hell do you have it then? WHY?!?
  10. Doctors who don't give a crap about their patients. I understand you are busy, I understand our health care system is overwhelmed.... but, unfortunately, my quality of life matters to me, dammit.
  11. Dietitians or nutritionists who whip out Canada's food guide when they have a gluten-free, soy-free vegan sitting in front of them, desperate for nutrition and intolerant of all the damn things on the food guide.
Not vegan friendly. At all. Ever.


 That is all.

p.s. My vote is always for Mayor West

And I don't own any of these photos....
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  1. I agree with the signs on the corner, there are so many sometimes that I wonder.. Do people stop and sit at the corner and try to decide who to vote for? if they are, they just need to get the eff out of my way.... Great blog...

    check out my blog @

  2. Perhaps you can tell those dieticians to shove some raw garlic up their hoo-ha's and shiesty Dr. Harkness as well! Or tell them I said so.

    Hugs, The Empress

  3. Isn't it fun to list things that piss you off?

    You've won an award! What goes around comes around I guess.. pick it up here:


  4. In my Miami neighborhood, there is a dumb neighbor who was "intelligent" enough to put up a whole mess of bushes at a very dangerous corner/turn. Ugh.

    -Barb the French Bean

  5. *Amber - Totally with you on them getting the eff out of the way. Does a person really decide their vote based on lawn signs? Makes me wonder... I will check out yer blog. Better not be a site for viagra! ;-)

    *The Ranter's Box - I will let the dietitians know, but to clarify - Dr. Harkness is fantastic!! He's the only one who HASN'T been questionable like the other vets we have seen. We ♥ him.

    *Simple Dude - I have a feeling there will be a thousand more of these posts in my lifetime, 'cause it is fun! Just have to make sure it is sorta/kinda a little bit amusing to others or people will just be all like "wow, she bitches a lot"...

    And thanks for the award... thought I don't know if I will regift since it is branded with your site name and people might think I stole it? Not sure... But thanks! I need to start drinking beer now!

    *Barb the French Bean - someone near my house put up a masonry wall. Makes the morning drive fun (avoid being hit while turning, while avoiding hitting the crossing guard and pedestrians and those damn quick students on bikes riding against traffic...) *sigh*

  6. I have an uncle that swears by the garlic remedy. Don't knock it until you try it?! :)

  7. *Jody... but has -HE- tried it? He doesn't even have a hoo-ha... uhhh... does he? :-P

    If he is the smart hoo-ha doctor then maybe it's time to start this craziness. Worst case I will have lost garlic in my cervix, but a great blog post would follow!!


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