Friday, October 1, 2010

Fear Not Dr. Dath...

So, just wanted to let everyone know I am alive, but haven't been feeling too hot since my last post. Don't worry, I don't think I'm dying or anything dramatic. Though I *do* have a flair for the dramatic.

Found myself in hospital emerg. last night.

I had the pleasure of pushing a button, waiting for #106 to be "served" (what is it, the damn deli counter?), then sitting beside a young fellow with psychiatric issues who discussed his passion for saving others uncertain of a) the Afterlife b) Jesus Christ and/or c) some computer game. He also discussed his passion for his sister, and indicated he wished her "resolve was not quite so strong" to the gentleman beside him.

I wish I was making this shit up.

His sister appeared, and she split her time between praising Jesus/finding his light and letting the sick, elderly people in the room know, insulting her mentally ill brother, and talking trash about the hospital staff and how she would like to sue them.

It was truly heartwarming. I love me a well-rounded Evangelist.

As I clutched two little teal-coloured plastic bedpans (in case of vomiting), I just hoped a spot would open up for me.

The crazy went on and on and on.

I thought to myself... let's be positive! Then the true me starting thinking about how much it all sucked and all the bad things associated with being there.

I summarized my thoughts, left to right, in a chart just for YOU!

At the end of the day? Some unpleasant findings, and a (supposed?) referral to another doctor next week.

His name? Dr. Death Dath.

I Can't wait for that appointment. Should be great. I'll let you guys know (presuming I live through the appointment to tell).

p.s. I am asking for my health for Christmas. I wonder if the girl with the line to Jesus could have gotten me into direct contact with Santa? Dammit, the pain clearly clouded my judgement.

Dr. Dath was a very very nice man who took time to explain things to me and calm me the eff down, and I hope he doesn't Google himself, find this page, and think I am mocking him. I admit, his name sort of terrifies me, but to anyone who has happened upon this blog while looking him up - you will not be disappointed, I have every faith that he will be able to help you with your problems, or at least let you know where to go/who to talk to if he cannot help you himself. Just wanted to clarify that. He is a very good doctor.

And, interestingly enough, as Jody pointed out, I have the 4th spot on page 1 when you search him, even if my Gerard. J. Butler post failed miserably and never even made it into that stinkin' search engine.

That is all.

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  1. Isn't it funny how we all turn the events in our lives into a blog post as it's happening???

    Hope you feel better and Dr. Dath can get to the bottom of it. . .

  2. Oh Lord, child. You should have asked the Jesus Lady to pray for you right then and there! Or better yet...pray WITH you!

    (and, yep, I think in terms of "is this good blogging material?" whenever something, umm...interesting...happens to me, too!)

    Feel better soon, dear!

  3. If only a mother's love could fix everything....
    I love you.

  4. Firstly - Momma, don't be worried/sentimental!! BE all like - true, morphine is a PRO, as is a hot attending physician! Yayyyyy! And I love you, too.

    @A Mom on Spin - Thank ye... Dath being one 'e' short of death is kinda making me think "eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!"

    @vickilikesfrogs - Jesus lady's family was called in before me. Lost my chance. Maybe I should have made disturbing comments about my own sister in order to be seen faster. Okay, not really, that felt creepy-wrong to even type. lol.

  5. Oh my! I feel like I don't talk to you for a couple days and your entire life changes! I hope you are ok! Dr. Dath sounds promising...right?! haha

  6. Woo you are up to #4 on the google search page!


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